February 27, 2013

Red Carpet Review: Oscars 2013

I'm sorry this is a little late but Monday was filled with my housemate's 20th birthday frivolities while yesterday consisted of a painful 9am lecture followed by the recovery from said frivolities. But enough excuses let's talk about the dresses. It pains me to say it but I was yet again none too inspired by the red carpet on Sunday night. I've decided that while there's been some beautiful gowns the real reason for the disappointment has been the serious lack of complete "what the f*ck" moments. Can we from now on make it a rule that Tilda Swinton must attend all big red carpet events. Then we wouldn't be in this predicament. This is also why I've only got 3 in my worst dressed this time around.

Anyway enough chitchatting from me. Let's get on with the show.

Sandra Bullock, Sally Fields, Naomi Watts, Amy Adams, Adele
If you've read any of my previous Red Carpet Reviews you'll probably be aware of the fact that I'm not a huge fan of the sheer bottom thing that is so prevalent in fashion these days yet for some reason, I don't hate this. I should but I don't. It may be because the sheer element is only in sections. It may be because the rest of the dress is so stunning. But it's probably because it's Sandra Bullock and she's just all kinds of awesome.

Sally Fields brought some much needed colour to this pale and washed out red carpet but not in the "that's a lot of yellow but for some weird reason it sort of, kind of, maybe works?" way a la Jane Fonda. Instead it's classy and sophisticated and perfect for the Oscars. I think I would have preferred the main skirt to be more opaque but overall it's a beautiful dress with a killer train.

Yet again, Naomi Watts is my best dressed. She hasn't really but a foot wrong this award season. Sure I wasn't blown away by her outfit at the SAG Awards but this, along with the stunning burgundy number from the Golden Globes definitely makes up for it. I love the cut of the neckline, it makes the dress stand out but also prevents an Emily Mortimer at the Golden Globes full body chain mail look. 

Now this is the kind of dress I expect at the Oscars. A full blown princess dress, train and all. The only thing that's stopping me giving the best dressed of the night to Amy Adams is the colour. Amy is a red head which I love, but unfortunately with that comes the pale skin and this colour doesn't do much for her except make her look a bit washed out. If this had been in a brighter or darker colour then it would have been a definite winner.

Adele is back doing what she does best. Black. After the curtain disaster at the Grammy's I'm glad to see she redeemed herself with this stunning sparkly number. It's flattering and simple but the sparkles stop it being boring.

Brandi Glanville, Anne Hathaway, Melissa McCarthy
There's a right way to do cleavage and there's a wrong way. No guesses as to which this is. I fear that if she had twisted her body even slightly then the paparazzi were going to get a little more than they bargained for. I just really want to run over to her a yoink the dress up a good few inches.

This dress is so nineties it pains me, it's even got the gratuitous nipplidge going on. It's just so freakin' boring! Let's be honest, Anne knew damn well that she was walking away with the Oscar on Sunday. She should've gone all out. Something unforgettable but in a good way a la Naomi Watts or Amy Adams. No one wants to win an Oscar and then get remembered for their nipples.

Oh Melissa. Why did you think this was a good idea? This dress does squat for you. The drop waist is doing no favours except making her look like she's draped herself in a sack. Then to top it all off she's gone for the major bouffant hair. There's just way to much. All that fabric and all that hair just completely swamps her. 

There we have it, the last of the big awards shows. I hope you guys enjoyed this little series. Let me know if you liked it and want to see more Red Carpet Reviews in the future! 


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