November 20, 2013

Royal Portrait or Latest Horror Film?

Whether you have any interest in the Danish Royal Family or not, you can't deny that the newest portrait of the family that was released recently is creepy! It genuinely looks like a poster for the latest horror film where a young prince gets possessed and sets out to kill anyone that gets in the way.

As well as Prince Christian's "The Omen" look front and centre, let's not ignore the pretty evil glare that's being focused at him from Princess Isabella in the corner. Seriously, she does not looked best please with being relegated to the side. Nobody puts Isabella in the corner! Also, why are they standing in the ruined remains of Pompeii?

On a more positive note, I love that it involves all three generations and to be honest, the more I look at the less creepy it gets. I also absolutely love the added touch of Danishness that's been thrown in by having Princes Nikolai and Felix playing with lego. I also have to say that, aside from the slightly excessive shadowing, the likenesses of the all the family are extremely good especially Prince Nikolai and little Prince Henrik. It's certainly a damn site better than some of the portraits that have been done of The Queen over the years!

It does make me hope that the British Royal Family will get a family portrait done, especially since we have four generations at the moment what with little Prince George. I just hope it looks a little less sinister than this.

What do you think of the Danish Royal Family portrait? Too creepy or just right?

November 16, 2013


I remember being about 14 and going to see Busted at the NEC Arena in Birmingham and McFly were one of their support acts. Now eight years later and I'm going back to the same arena to see them again but this time as one ultimate supergroup, McBusted. I genuinely cannot wait! It's gonna be sea of 20-somethings all screaming the words to what was the soundtrack of our teen years. 

Last night the guys made their debut TV performance as McBusted for Children in Need and it brought out the 14 year old in side of me. They did a mash up of 4 songs, It's All About You, Year 3000, Air Hostess and Shine A Light and it was…words cannot describe my excitement. This tour is going to be incredible! Check out their performance below:

I'm kind of sad that Charlie from Busted has decided not to take part in it all but I can understand it, plus he has given his support to the whole thing which I think is cool. Still, it would have made it even more perfect, a bit like when Robbie came back to Take That but even better because I remember Busted the first time round.

I also have to admit that hearing the songs all together it does show you how much the McFly songs have matured as the boys have whereas the Busted ones are very much anchored in the naughties (James appears to be stuck there too). Still, it's great to see Busted back and the guys look like they're having an absolute whale of time which is what counts!

Anybody else as excited for McBusted as I am?

November 03, 2013

Farewell Anni

Today I awoke to amazing news that my cousin's wife had given birth to a healthy baby girl. Unfortunately a few hours later this was overshadowed by the horrible news that an old friend of mine from school had tragically passed away just over a week ago. I hope you guys don't mind if I take a moment to write down my thoughts on such an amazing person.

Dear Anni, 

You were someone who could make anyone laugh and I have so many amazing and fun memories of you and our little music room crew. From singing Phantom of the Opera at the top of our voices to you shouting Buttscratcher at the top of your voice across the village.

I'll never forget the day you gave me the nickname "Biffa" because I ate so much I was a bin. But not just any bin, a pretty bin, a Biffa bin. I still think of you when  ever I see one and I always will. 

You were so talented in so many ways. You could be handed any musical instrument and given a few minutes you'd be playing it like a pro. You loved science as much as you loved music. You'd always say how you dreamt of one day becoming a doctor, a future that has now been taken away. A future you deserved.

I wish that I'd made the effort to stay in contact with you more over these past three years since we went our separate ways after school. Now it's too late. I'm sure you're up there looking down on us and I hope you can see all the amazing messages that have been left for you. You made a mark on this world that can never be taken away. You will be missed.

Love Biffa x

Today has made me truly appreciate the life that I've been given. From the birth of a cousin to the death of a friend it really puts it all into perspective. Never take what you have for granted because you never know when it all might end.

Sorry this has been such a sad post but I needed to get my feelings out somewhere and this felt somewhat more private than if I were to post it on Facebook as ironic as that sounds.