February 18, 2013

Nails of the Moment: Camden Lock

For the past few days we've been treated to some lovely Spring weather here in Bangorland so I was wanting to pait my nails a nice light colour. Unfortunately 99% of my nail polish collection is dark winter colours so I decided to crack out Camden Lock by Nails Inc. and give that a try.

I first used two layers of Barry M's Matt White and then put 1 or 2 layers of Camden Lock over the top. 1 or 2, what? Let me explain. While Camden Lock starts off really sparse, which I actually quite liked, as I moved along, for some annoying reason the glitter got denser and denser so I had to go back an put a second layer on some of the first nails to even it all out. It really was a pain in the backside to apply compared to other glitter polishes I've used.

To be honest, Camden Lock was a little disappointing. I don't hate the look but I don't love it anywhere near as much as I wanted to. 


  1. ohh that's a really fun nails;}}


  2. So different to all the other glitter nail polishes... I love it!!

    Your latest follower, Lauren x