December 31, 2012

New Years Resolutions 2013

It's that time of the year where we all tell ourselves "I'm going to do things differently this year", yet we all know that probably within a week we'll be back to doing things exactly the same as we did them before. That is why this year I've decided to use my New Years Resolutions to give me a little motivation boost. I like to stop and remind myself why I do the things that I do and why I should keep going with them and what better time to do so than New Years?

Nearly all of my resolutions this year are centred around keeping up with things I'm already doing. You may ask, why bother? Well, sometimes even when you love doing something it can still occasionally become hard work. Although it may not seem like it, a lot of the things on this list actually require some serious dedication and definitely a good sprinkle of motivation so this list is just a little kick in the backside to keep on going.

So hear is my list of New Years Resolutions 2013:

1. Blog. At the moment I'm finding this blog a lot of fun and therefore really easy to write but I know that somewhere down the line it's no longer going to be shiny and new and so may become more of a chore. My aim is to not let that happen.

2. YouTube. I have to admit that posting a video every single week does sometimes feel like a chore. I have to force myself to film the video and then I have to remind myself to upload the bugger but when I'm not getting the views you'd hoped, it's hard to stay motivated. In the new year I'll be able to create more fun and interesting videos so hopefully that will lead to at least a slight increase in views and therefore motivation and therefore enjoyment.  Admittedly for the first time in 4 months I haven't posted a video this week but I think I needed a little break and I promise I'll be back in the new year!

3. Instagram. I was going to go an Instagram 364 challenge but decided I had enough on my plate without adding that but I do definitely want to take more photos. I love looking at past memories and I love remembering the little things. Instagram nicely combines these two, so I'm determined to take advantage of it more often.

4. Moment Diary. On my phone, using the Moment Diary App, I keep a "twitter diary" as I used to call it. I write short entries throughout the day, everyday. Some of them are about the mundane things in life, others are my inner thoughts while some document the more interesting aspects of my life. What I like about doing it this way, is I remember the little things like how I had a particular song stuck in my head or the enjoyment of getting let out of a lecture early. These are things that have very little meaning to anyone else but to me bring back the memories of that particular day. When I read back through my diary, I love seeing how I've changed even in a couple of months so I really want to keep going with it for as long as possible! 

5. GoodReads Challenge. As your may have seen in my previous post, I didn't complete my 2012 challenge of reading 20 books and while there were reasons for this, I'm determined not to fail in 2013.

6. Deutsch. For a while now I've been trying to get my German up to standard. I use various different methods including reading Harry Potter in German and at times it really does take a lot of motivation. My short term aim is to finish the Harry Potter books (Order of the Phoenix is taking forever!) but long term I really want to become fluent and then eventually move onto another language.

7. Say Yes. Now I'm not suddenly going to go all Jim Carrey and say yes to everything but there are times where I know I need to relax a little and just say yes. Most often it's things that happen spur of the moment that I say no to. I like to prepare myself and often need to psych myself up for things. I need to get over this and just do it and stop over thinking things.

8. Daily Q&A. In February I bought a 5 Year Daily Q&A book. Yep that's right, every single day I answer a question in this book and I intend to continue for the full 5 years. If i succeed I'll be 24 when it's finished which is crazy, but how awesome will it be to see how my answers change over that time? 

Some may think these are too boring or easy, others may think I'm crazy for wanting to keep so much stuff going but I'd much rather set small, ongoing goals and actually achieve them than set some crazy impossible resolution and feel bad about myself when I inevitably don't stick to it. Each to their own, I guess.

Let me know in the comments below what your New Year Resolutions are this year!

See you in 2013! 

MeganShaelyn x

December 30, 2012

Goodreads Challenge 2012: So Close Yet So Far

This year I decided to set myself the challenge of reading 20 books in a year. It seemed doable, nothing too crazy. Unfortunately though, I did not manage it. Instead I read 18 which, to be honest, is still pretty good seeing as it was double the amount I read in 2011. 

I'm not going to make excuses. There were times when I was sat on tumblr, endlessly scrolling for no real reason instead of reading. However, I should note, I am reading the Harry Potter books in German which takes a hell of a lot longer than if I was reading them in English. It also takes more motivation to actually pick the book up in the first place.

Anyway, instead of focusing on what I didn't do, I'm now going to focus on what I did and go through the 18 books I managed to read in 2012. 

1. Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

A lot of people love this book and I really wanted to but I just didn't. Funnily enough though I absolutely loved the film which makes me think that the reason I didn't like the book too much is that there's a lot of 'reading between the lines' involved which I'm really bad at. The film just spells it out for you. I do want to re-read this now that I've seen the film, as I think I might enjoy it more now that some of the plot has been explained.

2. Boys Don't Cry by Malorie Blackman

This wasn't some groundbreaking work of literature but it does what it says on the tin. A 18 year old guy on the day of his A-Level results finds out he's a dad. Like I said, it's not mind-blowingly clever and it is pretty predictable but it's a nice light read. I definitely enjoyed it but it's a one time read and nowhere near as good as Malorie Blackman's Noughts & Crosses series which I absolutely loved! 

3. Mealtimes And Milestones: A Teenager's Diary Of Moving On From Anorexia 
by Constance Barter

This is a non-fiction diary of a teenage girl as she recovers from Anorexia. Throughout my life a lot of the people around me have had issues with body dismorphia in some form or another so I found it really interesting to be able to see it all from their perspective. It definitely helped me to understand what goes on inside their minds. 

4. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

After reading Mealtimes And Milestones and having read The Hunger Games I really wanted a light-hearted non-distopian book to read so I decided to give Just Listen a go. In the end it wasn't quite as light-hearted as I'd expected, in fact it deals with some pretty deep issues but it doesn't get depressing which I greatly appreciated. The main characters had a lot of depth and were really relatable within what was a very enjoyable story. 

5.  The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

I went into TFIOS with very high expectations as my sister kept raving about how amazing it was. Although I did really enjoy it as is evidenced in the fact that I read it in about 3 days, I'm certainly not as crazy about it as my sister and many others like her. I did really liked Augustus though.

6. Matched by Allie Condie

Matched is another novel that's set in a distopian future. I didn't dislike this but it wasn't great either. If I'm brutally honest, it was a bit boring. I really liked the world Condie created but she didn't do much with it. I just felt a bit meh after it. I certainly wasn't counting down the days until I could get my hands on the sequel.

7. Elixir by Hilary Duff

Well. Where do I begin. On a scale of one to shit this falls just shy of shit. The thing that stops it being completely shit is the beginning. It gives you so much hope. Clea is a photographer that keeps noticing a mysterious man in all of her pictures which causes her to want to discover who said mysterious man is. So far so good. Then it descends into crazy ville. Near the end she meets a woman who I couldn't help but imagine like the weird monster thing in Pans Labyrinth. The writing was nearly as bad as the plot and felt like a dodgy fanfiction. Sorry Hilary. I loved you in Lizzie McGuire and I love all your albums and really wanted to love this too but...well, let's just say, stick to your day job.

8. Harry Potter und der Gefangene von Askaban by J.K.Rowling

What's to say really? It's Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter and I love German so it's win win.

9.  Divergent by Veronica Roth

Now this is a good book, like a "I really should be working on my assignment but I must keep reading" good book. I loved the five factions and the whole world Roth created in general. Some people felt that Tris's initiation took up too much of the book but I actually loved that part and was actually kinda bummed that it had to end. Four is just awesome. I need a Four in my life. If you like dystopian books, this is without a doubt a must read!

10. Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey by Bob McCabe

This took forever to read. It's absolutely jam packed with information and pictures from the filmmaking process of the Harry Potter films. The amount of detail that went into the films is just incredible! If you aren't able to go to The Making of Harry Potter at Leavedson this is a pretty good substitute as the tour does tell you a lot of what is in the book but obviously on the tour you get to see all the props and thing in person. Even if you're not a huge fan of Harry Potter but are interested in filmmaking then I'd definitely recommend this book.

11. Insurgent by Veronica Roth

This is the second book in the Divergent series. I'd say it's not quite as good as Divergent but I think that's mainly because it's doing a lot of setting up for the third and final book. It's still a great book and it leaves you with a f*ck off cliffhanger so you'll be dying to get your hands on the yet unnamed third book.

12. Planet Word by J.P.Davidson

This book is a companion to the Planet Word series on the BBC that was presented by Stephen Fry. I study Linguistics at University and this was basically the first semester of my degree compacted into one book. I thought it was well written and easy to follow but then I may be biased having studied a lot of what is covered in the book already. However, if you're interested in linguistics or language in any way then give this a read.

13. Harry Potter und der Feuerkelch by J.K.Rowling

I hadn't read Goblet of Fire in a while and I'd forgotten how fecking long it is. Add to that the fact that I was reading it in German, it took me nearly 4 months to get through this bad boy! It's still Harry Potter though and therefore still awesome.

14. Crossed by Allie Condie

This is the follow up to Matched and although I didn't love the first book, I did like it enough to want to know what was going to happen. I feel that Crossed is one of those rare occasions where the sequel is actually an improvement on the original. It's still no Hunger Games or Divergent but it is better nonetheless. The middle does drag a little but unlike with Matched, the ending makes up for it. Although I'm not dying to read Reached, I fully intend on doing so.

15. Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Another (sort of) series. This follows Anna and the French Kiss which I really enjoyed so I had pretty high expectations for this. Luckily, it lived up to my expectations. I can't pinpoint exactly what I loved about this book, I just really enjoyed it. My only gripe with it was the names, I mean, Cricket? Really? Just, no.

16. An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

When I decided to pick up AoK I was craving a stand alone book. I'd read so many sequels that I just wanted one that was self contained. I absolutely loved AoK. Again, I don't really know why, I just did. The three main characters were brilliant, especially Hassan. A lot of people feel like this is one of John Green's weaker novels but I have to disagree. Maybe I just like to read different things to the majority of other nerdfighters?

17. Looking For Alaska by John Green

This is another example of me not agreeing with the majority of nerdfighters. I didn't dislike LFA but I don't get why everyone loves it so much. The first half of the book is counting down to some big event and I just felt it was pretty predictable as to what this said big event would be. I guess, because I kind of knew it was coming, it had less impact. This is probably my least favourite of the three John Green books that I've read.

18. To Marry A Prince by Sophie Page

I love the Royal Family and I'm a sucker for a fairytale. This book combines the two so naturally I enjoyed it. It focuses on Bella Greenwood who falls for Richard who, unbeknownst to her, is The Prince of Wales and current heir to the throne of Great Britain. I think this is one of those books you either like or you don't. If you're into royalty and love the whole story of a commoner becoming a princess then I'm sure you'll like this book. 

There we have it. Those were the 18 books that I managed to read throughout 2012. Hopefully next year I'll manage to actually complete my challenge of 20 books!

Do you agree or disagree with anything I've said above? 
Got any recommendations for what I should read in 2013?
Let me know in the comments below!

MeganShaelyn x

December 28, 2012

2012: The Year to be British

Without a doubt the world's eyes were on the UK throughout a good chunk of 2012 due to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and of course the London Olympics and Paralympics. It has been an unforgettable year and a year where us Brits have really come together to celebrate our pretty amazing country. It has also given some people a much needed reminder that our country actually isn't all that bad, because with the British tendency to moan, we sometimes have a habit of forgetting that. With all that happened, I thought I'd review the year that has made me extremely proud to be British.

The festivities began way back on the 6th February, exactly 60 years after Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne in 1952. This day was marked by the creation of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust which was intended to help charities across all of the Commonwealth nations. 

Following this, the Jubilee tour kicked off, with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh travelling throughout the UK. It all started in Leicester where yours truly was there to see not only the Queen and Prince Phillip, but also the Duchess of Cambridge! Unfortunately, none of them came near me during their quick walkabout but it was still a pretty cool experience. Below are some pictures my Dad took during the visit.

HM Queen Elizabeth II
HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
HRH The Duchess of Cambridge
 While the Queen was galavanting around the UK, she decided to leave the overseas visits to her children and grand-children. One of the most surprising successes was Prince Harry's visit to Jamaica. It was his first solo tour overseas representing the Queen, so all eyes were on him to see how he would cope and cope he did. The highlight had to be him 'winning' a race against Usain Bolt. Was anyone else disappointed that there wasn't a rematch at the Olympics?

Prince Harry 'winning' against Usain Bolt.
It was at the start of June, however, that the party really kicked off. On the 3rd June a flotilla of 1000 boats took to the Thames in one of the largest gatherings seen on the river for 350 years. It was an amazing display and some how, despite the freezing cold, the Queen managed to stay out and watch the entire thing. Unfortunately, because of the aforementioned rubbish British weather, the grand finale of fireworks had to be cancelled but it was still pretty cool. Hey, the Queen seemed to enjoy it and, after all, it was for her.

A view of the flotilla as it heads towards Tower Bridge.
The following day saw the part of the celebrations that was definitely more for the people than the Queen: the Diamond Jubilee Concert that was held in front of Buckingham Palace. It was a brilliant night with performers from every decade of the Queen's reign, well Cliff Richard was there anyway. My highlight had to be Robbie Williams sing Mack the Knife. Robbie singing swing is the best. 

A view down the Mall toward Buckingham Palace during the Jubilee Concert.
Day 3 of the long Jubilee Weekend consisted of a Service of Thanksgiving at St. Pauls Cathedral. I felt this was the moment that showed that the Queen ain't going anywhere anytime soon purely on the fact that she had no difficulty getting up the numerous steps to the cathedral and then walking the bloody long aisle. Queen Victoria, however, who is the only other monarch to have celebrated a Diamond Jubilee, was too frail for her thanksgiving service so she had to sit outside the cathedral in a carriage.

Bring on the Platinum Jubilee!

The Royal Family watching the flyover during their balcony appearance after the Service of Thanksgiving.
To top the Royal year off, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced that they were expecting, which means that 2013 will bring us a new heir! And with the new law that has been introduced, if the baby is a girl, she will be Queen, whether or not she has any younger brothers.

Later in the summer, the world's eyes really did turn to us as thousands of athletes from around the world descended on London for the biggest sporting event in the world: the Olympic Games.

Many were nervous to see what was in store for the Opening Ceremony, especially after our pretty cheesy segment in the Beijing Closing Ceremony. In the end, we needn't have worried as Danny Boyle created an masterpiece! Where else could you include the creator of the internet, a 40ft Voldemort and the Queen and James Bond parachuting out of a helicopter? I can even technically say I was in the Ceremony as the confetti was meant to represent every member of the British public. 

Lord Voldemort just casually gate-crashing the Olympic Opening Ceremony.
Then came the sport and after a bit of a slow start Team GB just went gold medal crazy! The final medal total was 65 with 29 of those being Gold. We ended 3rd in the medal tables which is a massive achievement when you think about it. Great Britain has around 60 million people so when you compare that to the USA's 314 million and China's 1.3 billion it really shows how great an achievement it really was.

The highlight of the games for me was the men's all around gymnastics final, mainly because I was there! It was also the infamous moment where we had been awarded the silver medal but after Japan appealed and got their marks changed we were demoted to bronze. It was still an incredible achievement for the boys but the boos the judges got from the entire O2 arena were pretty deafening, that's for sure!

Me and my sister in the O2 Arena just before the Men's All Around Final
Other highlights were 'Super Saturday' when Team GB racked up 6 gold medals. In the morning we got 2 down at Eton Dorney in the rowing, followed by one in the Women's Team Persuit in the Velodrome. But, it was in the Athletics that excitement real happened. It started with Jessica Ennis, the poster girl of London 2012, winning the Heptathlon. This was followed by a bit of a surprise win from Greg Rutherford in the Long Jump. The night was topped off with Mo Farah winning the 10,000m, and so began the craze of the Olympics, the mobot.

Mo Farah and Usain Bolt trade poses.
I was so sad that the Olympics came to an end as it really did bring the country together but unfortunately Boris Johnson had to hand over the flag to Brazil. But, we made sure we went out with a bang with the Closing Ceremony. Spice Girls. Need I say more?

People of the world, Spice up your life!
Skip forward a couple of weeks and sports was back in the form of the Paralympics. It saddened me to see how overlooked the Paralympics was by many countries as it really was incredible to watch. It really demonstrated what disabled people can do rather than what they can't. On the plus side, with the USA not around to nick all our medals we managed to rake in a massive 120 medals!

David Weir as he wins the first of four Paralympic Gold medals.
The Olympics and Paralympics were rounded of with a Victory parade through London. I have to admit I did get a little teary-eyed during the speeches. Our athletes did our country proud! Plus, I was practically crying with laughter at Boris' speech.

Team GB!
All in all, it's has been an incredible year for this country I get to call home and I can't believe it's all over! While 2013 may not have the big events of this year, I hope our togetherness and patriotism continues!

December 26, 2012

Thank You Santa!

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday! For some reason I offered to cook dinner but it all went off with only a few minor hitches, i.e nearly forgetting the pigs in blankets.

Well, apparently I've been a good girl this year, or at least Santa seemed to think I had been. Here are some of the highlights.

My "big" present was my two Urban Decay palettes, Smoked and Naked2. I've only recently got into makeup so I wanted these to pad out my collection. I haven't had a chance to use them yet but I'm sure I'll love them. I'm particularly looking forward to getting to try some more colourful smokey eyes.

My other "big" present probably looks quite boring. It's an M-Audio Fast Track, which basically will allow me to record vocal and guitar through separate channels and therefore, hopefully, improve the quality of my YouTube videos.

Next I received the cutest Harry Potter ring ever which was a complete surprise. It's so freakin' awesome!

Throughout the run up to Christmas my mum kept telling me she wouldn't be buying me any clothes. Lies! I'm set for life in terms of hoodies! Not that that's a bad thing.

Another more girly present was Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. Although I'm not a huge perfume wearer when I smelt this one I knew I had to have it. The fact that it is by one of my favourite female artists is irrelevant. I'm horrendous at describing perfumes so I'm not even going to try. It smells good, let's just leave it at that.

My final present was from my sister. She named it my "calendar of dedication," in other words, it shows all my weird obsessions, from the ever enduring Harry Potter to more recent obsessions like Switched at Birth and Perks of Being A Wallflower. It's basically my tumblr smushed into a calendar which is pretty dang awesome!

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite gift was this year!

Oh and by the way, it's 364 days till Christmas! :)

MeganShaelyn x

December 24, 2012

Nails of the Moment: Milan & Privileged

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Only one more sleep to go!

Anyway, onto the actual post...

Last Friday I had a party to attend so I decided to get my nails into the Christmas spirit.

I started out with 2 coats of Milan by Nails Inc which was a limited edition for Coca Cola and so unsurprisingly it's a coca cola red. Shocking, I know! 

To make my nails that little bit more Christmassy I layered Privileged, again by Nails Inc, on top which is a flakey green glitter overglaze which looks so much better than my rubbish description! Unfortunately, this too was part of a Limited Edition Gossip Girl Duo. Blame my sister, they're her polishes...

I absolutely love this look for Christmas, particularly as from far away it just looks like you've gone for a classic and simple red and then it isn't until you get up close that you see the awesomeness of the top coat!

The staying power of this look has been pretty impressive. It's four days since I painted them and they still look near perfect! Let's just hope they last until tomorrow.

I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow and I'll see you on the other side!

MeganShaelyn x

December 22, 2012

A Strictly Awesome Final!

Congratulations Louis & Flavia!
Louis & Flavia lifting the infamous Strictly glitter ball trophy.
If you don't live in the UK this post will probably won't mean a lot to you but for the past 14 weeks Strictly Come Dancing has been the highlight of my week. I've watched it every year since series 2 and it just keeps getting better every year!

But now it is over.

For the first time in the 10 series run, there was 4 couples in the final last night: Louis & Flavia, Dani & Vincent, Denise & James and Kimberly & Pasha.

I wasn't surprised in the slightest that Dani was the first to leave. As brilliant as she was she just wasn't unto the standard of the other three. Now, Kimberly, Denise and Louis, there just was not a pin between them. I didn't vote because I genuinely could't decide who to vote for. Admittedly, through most of the series I'd been a keen supporter of Kimberly and Pasha but that was mainly due to being a fan of Girls Aloud. However last night all three blew out the water and I just couldn't choose. 
Dani & Vincent performing the romantic rumba portion of their showdance.
I wasn't too surprised that Denise didn't win because, like Matt Baker last year, she peaked too early (i.e. she was awesome from the start). The British public like to vote see an improvement over the series which you really didn't get with Denise.
Denise & James at the end of their amazing showdance.

Kimberley was sort of in the same boat as she too has been pretty good from very early on. She also came from a very dance oriented background.

Louis however had many things on his side in terms of winning over the Great British public. One, he's a guy and it's well known that guys have the harder job on Strictly what with having to lead and what not. Two, he's a gymnast, this meant he could pull off some amazing tricks and a damn fine body but also, it meant he was the only one in the final who didn't really come from a performance background and again the British public appreciated that he ultimately had a tougher job than the others.
Kimberley & Pasha performing their beautiful Viennese Waltz during the final.
So now that I think about it I'm really not surprised Louis won and to be honest, the final three, without a doubt, deserved to be in the final so I would have been happy had any of them won.

This season really has been brilliant. The level of dancing talent has been ridiculously high and for the first time since 2009 we've had 4 judges who actually knew what they were talking about! For one Darcy Bussell is, well, Darcy Bussell. You know? One of the most famous ballet dancers ever so naturally she knows about dancing and once she nipped the annoying 'yah' bud in the head after week 1 she really became a great judge.

I'm so glad we got to see all the finalists dance their showdance because it always used to annoy me that one couple wouldn't get too. I'm still on the fence as to how much I like Wembley week. Part of me just feels it's too big and the dancers get a little lost but it does make a nice change. 

My biggest fault with the show now is Brucie. I just think it's time for him to retire. The week when it was just Tess Daley and Claudia Winkleman was so much better and so much less cringeworthy and painful to watch. Plus, Claudia is just hilarious and awesome and I love her. Also, did anyone else notice how painfully obvious it was that Robbie Williams wasn't actually there when Bruce and Tess were thanking him? I mean, come on! We know damn well the musical performances are never live so why try and kid us that the are.

So now begins the post Strictly schlump where I don't know what to do with my Saturday nights and I wonder what the hell I did for all the other Saturdays before it started. Seriously, what did I do? Oh yeah, tumblr…
Just a final picture to show off Louis' crazy ass gymnast strength and body. Seriously, how?
Fingers crossed next year is as good!

MeganShaelyn xx

December 20, 2012

Nails of the Moment: Kate Sapphire

Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to get a little obsessed about things. One of my recent obsessions is nail polish so I thought I'd do a little 'Nails of the Moment' series.

Yesterday I was bored and as we have crappy internet I decided to paint my nails. However, as it was fairly late at night my sister was asleep and therefore I couldn't borrow from her collection so I had only 3 colours to choose from that I'd brought back home with me from Uni. As I had plans to wear the other two over Christmas and New Year I was left with only one option, Kate Sapphire by Avon.

This was a limited edition for the Royal Wedding back in April 2011, hence the name. However, by the looks of it the colour is still available, or at least a very similar one, under the name Inky Blue.

When I first wore this for the Royal Wedding I wasn't too impressed, because the staying power was rubbish with it only lasting about a day. Since then, however, I have purchased a decent top coat in the form of Sally Hanson's Insta-dry and the polish seems to be staying put much better!

I absolutely love the colour itself but then I've always been a sucker for dark nail polish especially when you throw in some shimmer and make it Royal related (another of my obsessions)!

MeganShaelyn x

December 19, 2012

Holidays are Coming!

As I'm sure you are all aware, Christmas is less than a week away!

To get into the Christmas spirit I decided to do the Christmas Tag on YouTube and I even managed to rope my sister Hannah in too.

Check the video out below and make sure to watch to the end for some pretty funny bloopers! 

MeganShaelyn x

December 18, 2012

State of Grace

So every Sunday I post a new video onto YouTube.

Each video consists of me singing with my trusty guitar whom I'm yet to name (any ideas?).

This week I chose to cover Taylor Swift's song State of Grace from her new album Red.

Feel free to have a gander and don't forget to subscribe if you likes what you see!

Who likes my christmassy background? 

In the new year (provided Santa believes I've been a good girl this year) I'll be doing some more exciting videos, more like proper music videos!

Also, very soon I'll be posting some vlog/tag/haul videos, so if you want to hear me talk about random stuff keep your eyes peeled for those!

MeganShaelyn x

December 16, 2012

Just do it.

So here we go, I've started a blog. Who'd of thunk it, eh?

As of right now I can't say in which direction I'll take it but for now I'll just be blogging about whatever takes my fancy really. 

If you're wondering about the name, well, it's quite simple really, it's my name. I was going to go for something witty or different but then I thought about how I always go by MeganShaelyn online and this is a personal blog so why not use my name for it? Probably a bit boring but hey ho.

If you want to get inside the mind of yours truly then stick around and your wish will be granted :)

See you in a bit!