February 23, 2013

Haul: New Look & Superdrug

Last Monday, me and my housemate decided to go on a little jaunt into town for a little retail therapy. Who said anything about skipping our seminar? I certainly didn't. Anyway, moving on.

Our first stop was New Look where I found this awesome necklace. I'd been on the hunt for a nice statement gold necklace for a while and so when I saw this I just couldn't say no, especially when it was on buy on get one free. Because of said offer I also got these cute stripy earrings as well, all for the beautiful bargain price of £6.99!

Next up was Superdrug which has recently, along with Boots, become my vice recently. I first headed straight to Barry M, as I always do when I go to Superdrug, and made use of their two for one offer and bought these lovelies, Greenberry and Prickly Pear. So far, I've only tried Greenberry and I absolutely love it, especially with the little bout of Spring we had. 

My next purchase is a little bit random. This Monday coming up my housemate is turning 20 and has decided that we have to go to the club dressed up. The theme is "something beginning with the letter of your name" so, as I already have the costume, I'm going as Minnie Mouse. I decided it'd be fun to add some crazy long lashes into the mix, hence this purchase. I've never actually worn false eyelashes before so I also bought some cheaper ones to have a practice with.

I then sauntered down to my other favourite section, Rimmel. I'd been wanting a new lipstick that was more day friendly as the majority of mine are bright red so I plumped for shade 08 from the Kate Moss range. This is one of those "my lips but better' shades. I have to say I love these lipsticks, they are one of the few that don't dry my lips out like absolute biatch. Definitely going to gets me some of these bad boys!

Then as bit of an impulse, just before I got into the queue to pay, I picked up this eyebrow pencil. I don't normally do much with my eyebrows but I thought I'd give this a go and see how we get along.

I also bought a few other more boring things such as eyedrops and a birthday card for the previously mentioned housemate but I'm sure you don't really care. So, that was what i bought this week. I'd say there probably won't be another haul for a while but who am I kidding really? 


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