February 23, 2015

Red Carpet Review: Oscars 2015

Last night was the big one, The Academy Awards. For once, I actually got to watch it live what with being in Canada and all and I have to say, Neil Patrick Harris was not as good as I was hoping. Sad face. Anyway, let's talk fashion. This year's offerings were of a very high calibre. Whittling the best dressed down to just five was a task and a half and then finding five not so great outfits was pretty difficult too. It wasn't necessarily the most memorable red carpet but everyone looked great with no real standout winner or loser. Even Lady Gaga was relatively sedate. Let's start as we always do, with the best dressed of the night.

Anna Kendrick, Keira Knightley, Zoe Saldana, Emma Stone, Rosamund Pike
I want Anna Kendrick to be my best friend. Primarily because she is awesome but also I could then borrow her clothes. I like this dress a lot a lot. I especially love the colour, not one you see grace the red carpet very often is coral but one I feel should. The added touch of sparkle is just enough to bring it up a notch and then the hair and make-up which is on point just finishes this perfection off.

If ever there was someone who embodied the aura of a woodland fairy, it's Keira Knightley. And I mean that in a good way, I swear. There are few people that could pull this off. It could easily be one of those dresses that makes even the most sophisticated woman look like a six year old but Keira manages to keep it towards the more ethereal end. And all while dressing a baby bump too. I applaud you, Keira.

Zoe Saldana apparently gave birth three months ago...to twins! I don't believe it. Nope. That is pure witchcraft. How? What? No one who has three month old twins at home should look like that. Life is just not fair. She looks stunning! The colour looks amazing on her and the dress hugs her in all of the right places. Flawless.

Ah Emma Stone how I love thee. This girl can basically do no wrong in my eyes and this is oh so right. The fact that she's given me the green dress/red hair combo that I adore just adds to my feelings which would be positive even if this dress had been in a different colour. I also love a high neckline with long sleeves so really this is just win win win. Can I also say how much I love the enthusiasm Emma had on receiving a lego Oscar? I would have definitely been the same and am wondering why a set is not available to purchase cause if it was I'd be on that like a rash!

And the winner for most improved goes to *drum roll* Rosamund Pike! Just like I'd hoped, she saved the best till last. To be honest, her track record for this years award season probably makes me see this in a better light than I would otherwise but compared to her Golden Globes look this is pretty much perfection.

Chloë Grace Moretz, Laura Dern, Scarlett Johansson, Solange Knowles, Zendaya
Just because a dress has pockets does not mean one has to permanently put one's hands in said pockets. Seriously, though this is why red carpet gowns should never have pockets. It looked particularly strange when she was walking on stage to present. That aside, I'm still not a fan of the dress. The bottom half reminds me a lot of this portrait of Queen Elizabeth I but also a more curtain-esque version of the dress Princess Mia wears at the end of Princess Diaries. So apparently it's got a regal feel to it but yet, I'm not a fan.

Normally on this here review, my focus is on the dresses but when I look at Laura Dern, I do not see her dress as I am too focussed on wondering how she can see where she's going. That is a lot of fringe. How was not spending the entire night pushing it out of her eyes? Even now, I'm looking at the photo and want to tuck it behind her ear. Either that or take some scissors to it but I feel that may be deemed as somewhat socially unacceptable...

Another case of where it's not the dress that is the problem. In fact Scarlett's emerald number is pretty fabulous but even she doesn't seem too convinced by what's going on around her neck. I feel like this may have been a little more successful if the colour wasn't the same as the dress. It's just all a bit much and veers very close to neck brace territory. A very snazzy neck brace but a neck brace nonetheless.

That's a lot of fabric right there. Like I've said, high neckline plus long sleeves? Often a win for me but it is a look that I feel suits a sleeker style than Solange has gone for here. Adding a fuller skirt and then colouring the whole thing in bright red is just a lot to take it. It's just a sea of red with a head bobbing on the top. Also, pocket. Ugh.

I was trying to find the right word to describe this dress and I for me it just feels a bit, well, limp. Like someone just took some satin, draped it over her and thought "bugger it, that'll do". I fear that if she were to move it would just fall. This is also a very mature look for someone who is only 18. Maybe she's doing the classic "Just because I'm on the Disney Channel doesn't mean you shouldn't take me seriously" thing and if it's between this and the Miley route then keep doing what you're doing. I still feel though that 18 is an age where you can totally have fun with your clothes and come on, how many 18 year olds get to attend the Oscars. Not that I have any idea why she's there but that's besides the point.

Well there we have it. Award Season is done and dusted for another year. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees and I can't wait to see what incredible films, music and fashion 2015 is going to bring our way. See you next year (probably)!


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