January 28, 2013

Red Carpet Review: SAG Awards 2013

Last night we saw round 2 of Award Season, The Screen Actors Guild Awards. I have to say I wasn't that impressed with the fashion last night, there was no hands down winner for me this time. Nevertheless let's begin with those who were, in my opinion, the better dressed women of the night.

Maria Menounos, Clea DuVall, Mayim Bialik, Nina Dobrev, Amy Poehler
This slinky red gown worn by Maria Menounos was one of those where from the front it appears sophisticated and simple and then she turns around and you discover that sexy back. I love backless dresses when they are done right and this is one of those examples. 

Admittedly, I think I would have preferred Clea DuVall's dress had the sheer fabric been only on the back and not creeped around the front to give a cutout look to the dress. However I love that it still manages to pull fun, simple and sophisticated together into one dress with success.

Can anyone tell that I love me a long sleeved lacy number yet? I know it's very similar to Nicole Richie's from the Golden Globes but I still love it. I think that that also shows how versatile this look can be that two pretty different women can both look fabulous in it. 

I gave the top spot to Nina Dobrev because she was the first person I saw and thought straight away, I love her dress. There was a lot of dark, jewel coloured dresses last night so I loved seeing the pink in the see of black. I'm also a sucker for sleeves even when they're short. I can take or leave the small lace panels on the torso and I'm not loving the earrings but overall it was something a little different that still worked.

Amy Poehler has so far looked incredible throughout award season. At the Golden Globes she rocked the androgynous look but last night she was all woman in this amazingly slinky black number that seemed to fit her like a glove. Simplicity done right.

Kaley Cuoco, Sigourney Weaver, Rose Byrne, Anne Hathaway, Julianne Moore.
Seriously Kaley, what is going on with your hair? It looks like a helmet which is not a good look. The dress itself is actually not that bad. I absolutely love the colour but what I don't understand is the length. It makes Kaley look really short. I definitely think it would have looked better as a floor length dress.

Without a doubt, I had to give this to Sigourney Weaver. It genuinely looks like she's stuck a pillow to her chest. It really doesn't do anything for her. And to top it off we have another case of a dress needing to be longer.

Rose Byrne went for a look similar to Sigourney and although she managed to pull it off much better it still wasn't working for me. I think I could have dealt with the top if the frills didn't go all the way down the sides as well. With all those fills and then the very flowery pattern it was just too 'little girl' for me.

This dress was confused. That's all I can say. It was a mini dress underneath then had a tulle skirt that didn't quite go to the floor. It wanted to be sexy with the sequinned mini dress and then a sheer princess dress has been put over the top. I just don't get it. Her hair and make up however, looked amazing!

I was disappointed with this look from Julianne Moore. She only narrowly missed out on appearing in my best dressed at the Golden Globes but this time around, just no. The bottom looks like it's made from an old quilt while the top is suffering the same fate as Jessica Chastain from the Golden Globes. Ill fitted dresses are just not a good look.

Like I said, I was not overly impressed by the red carpet this time, there wasn't even that many major disasters! Disappointing. 

Next up we move to British soil for the BAFTAs in a fortnights time so I'll see you then!

Who was your best and worst dressed last night?


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