January 21, 2013

Half Way!

What is that you ask? Well people of blogger, that is my final two assignments for Semester 1 of my second year a la Université. I handed those two little buggers in this morning which means I am now officially half way through my degree! Crazy stuff, non?

I genuinely can't believe that I'm already half way through! It really does not seem that long ago that I was unpacking into my room in halls. Oh how I miss halls, it was so easy back then. No gas meters to worry about, an en-suite shower and the thing I miss most, the boost button on the radiator.

I'm pretty sure the next year and half are going to go by just as fast, if not faster. Unfortunately, third year will bring forth with it the dreaded dissertation but I'm sure they'll be lots of memorable moments involving my amazing housemates and our weird ways and dirty minds. 

Admittedly I'm torn as to how fast I want the rest of my time at Uni to go. At times it frustrates the bejeezus out of me that I have to do work when I could be doing other things, namely YouTube and Blogging but then when it all comes to an end I have to enter the world of unemployment and no one wants that.


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