February 04, 2015

January Playlist: 2015

The monthly playlists have returned! Most of the music is not really new this month as January always seems to be slow month for new releases but without further ado, here are my favourite tunes from this past month.

As soon as I saw Mockingjay: Part 1 I knew I had to download Jennifer Lawrence's rendition of The Hanging Tree. I just love that she sang it herself. At first I was distraught to find it was not on the official soundtrack but a few days later I found that it was hiding on separate movie score soundtrack. Phew!

I'm six months late to the party but this month I finally got around to downloading George Ezra's amazing debut album Wanted On Voyage. A particular favourite is Blind Man in Amsterdam. Mainly I just like the bum bum bum bum badabadum bit.

One song that you may not have come across is This is Home by Bryan Lanning. Bryan, along with his wife Missy and their adorable little boy Ollie, are known on YouTube as DailyBumps and this month Bryan released his debut single. The song is about his family and it's adorable, as is the music video. You should definitely check it out!

Glee is back! There has a been a gaping hole in my iTunes due to the lack of new Glee songs but finally they have returned. Now, Season 6 is not looking to be the best, both in terms of the story and the music but there's still a few good'uns in there. 

Up - Olly Murs ft. Demi Lovato
The Hanging Tree - Jennifer Lawrence
Wings - Birdy
Blame it on Me - George Ezra
Blind Man in Amsterdam - George Ezra
This is Home - Bryan Lanning
Bitch - Jane Lynch
Home - Glee Cast
Out of the Woods - Taylor Swift


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