February 11, 2015

Eurovision Goes Global

It was announced today that, for some strange reason that I still can't quite get my head around, Australia are going to be joining us for the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Now I know my geography isn't great but I'm pretty sure they're not in Europe. To be fair, they've been relaxing the definition of what classifies as 'Europe' for quite a while. I'm looking at you Azerbaijan. 

Apparently, Eurovision is really popular over on the other side of the world and I mean, who can blame them, it's amazing but it's still gonna be really weird to see them there. They'll be like that strange foreign exchange student that everyone's kind of intrigued by but don't really know what to make of. 

To give them credit, they do seem like a country that could embrace the Eurovision spirit. Let's not forget the glorious Olympic opening ceremony in Sydney which involved Kylie Minogue riding in on a giant flip-flop. They've got potential! I'll be interested to see how 'Australian' their entry will be. Will they go all out kangaroos and didgeridoos or will they just go for regular non-Australian themed classic campness that has become the signature of Eurovision. As much as I'd love to see them enter a song called "Shrimp on the barbie", I feel the second option my be better. Don't want to come off as trying too hard, you know?

The fabulous Conchita Wurst, winner of last year's competition.

I also wonder whether this really is a one-off or whether the Aussies will return. Is this just a way of testing the waters? Maybe the wild card thing will stick and every year we'll have a different country trying desperately to join in the European glory. We're just too cool for these kids. They wouldn't be able to handle it even if we did let them in. Seriously, I've tried explaining Eurovision to Canadians. It doesn't work. They just don't get it.

You never know this could be the start of some ultimate Worldvision Song Contest. I hope not, do you realise how long the voting would take?! We'd be watching for days and everyone would be paralytic from all the "douze points" shots! I'm sure it's just another crazy Eurovision thing that we will remember in years to come like that guy from Albania with the ultrasonic voice and the legendary Russian grannies. You know, sometimes I wonder why we don't take this thing seriously and then I say sentences like that... I love you Eurovision. Don't ever change.


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