January 27, 2015

Emma Watson is Belle!

Yesterday Emma Watson confirmed that she is to play Belle in a live action version of Beauty of the Beast. Now, when I heard this news I wasn't quite as jump up and down excited as everyone else seemed to be but that was simply because this news has been rumoured for like a year. Sure it's nice to have confirmation but it wasn't exactly a surprise.

That aside, I still think it's great news. I think Emma will make a great Belle and I'm particularly excited to hear her sing more than just the hint of Hoggy Warty Hogwarts we were treated to in Goblet of Fire.

Another more nerdy reason I love that Emma has been chosen is because of the popular tumblr AU where Belle's favourite book is actually Harry Potter. Magic spells, a daring prince in disguise! Seriously, it works. I know Emma would probably be less thrilled with the association but...sorry, not sorry.

The full announcement from Emma's official Facebook page.

I'm definitely intrigued to see the final movie, not just for Emma, but to also see how they do all the secondary characters like Lumière and Chip and of course, what will the beast look like? It also makes a change from the endless versions of Cinderella. Sure there was Beastly back in 2007 but there's so many versions of Cinderella I've lost count!

What are your thoughts on the upcoming movie and the choice of Emma as Belle?


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