February 09, 2015

Red Carpet Review: Bafta's 2015

This weekend saw two major award ceremonies but I'll start with the more refined of the two and the big British event that is the EE Bafta's. This always seems to be a rather restrained red carpet but there was nonetheless some interesting outfits, some good, some...not so good. Let's start with the highs.

Amy Adams, Angela Scanlon, Phoebe Fox, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Jenna Coleman
Amy, Angela and Gugu all went for relatively simple looks but all three managed to steer clear of being boring. The more I look at Gugu's dress though the more I like it which is why I would give her the overall best dressed of the night. I literally can see not a single flaw. If Amy lost the tassels and Angela changed out the shoes then it may have been a much more closely run race. but alas, it was not.

Phoebe and Jenna decided to go down the patterned route and I fully appreciate the injection of colour from Phoebe. There was a surprising amount of colour this year but it was generally all block colour whereas Phoebe just went, nah, let's chuck 'em all in. A girl after my own heart. Jenna on the other hand is walking a fine line towards wearing curtains but somehow she manages to make it work. Maybe it's the cut out or maybe it's just the adorableness of Jenna herself. Who knows?

Claudia Winkleman, Mica Levi, Rachel Riley, Douglas Booth, Hofit Golan
So, Claudia decided to dress up as a strange gothic hershey's kiss while Mica seems to have slid through an oil slick on her way to the awards. As weird as Mica's concoction is though, I have to give worst dressed to Rachel Riley. I don't really know who Mica is but she seems the kind of person that has an IDGAF attitude that rocks looks like this on a regular basis. Rachel on the other hand is normally well turned out so why then did she choose to accessorise with a dead ferret? I'm presuming it was nippy in London but there are more stylish ways to add some warmth to one's outfit.

*Gasp* What is this? A man? On a red carpet review? Ok, so he doesn't look that bad but given that men have it pretty easy when it comes to dressing for the red carpet it seemed wrong of me not to question why Douglas would choose to wear a jacket that looks covered in some sort of mould. I appreciate the effort to go for something a little different but maybe avoid anything that looks green and furry next time? It's just a suggestion.

I have no idea who Hofit Golan is or why she was there. I mean, she doesn't even have a wikipedia page so she can't be that famous, right? Whoever she is, I'm not getting this look. The stars look like a kid has taken his effort stickers from school and stuck them all over the dress while the top seems to defy the laws of physics. Very strange indeed.

Tomorrow I'll be back reviewing the looks from the Grammy red carpet. Music awards are always more bizarre than the film awards so I'm sure there were some interesting looks. But for now, let me know what you thought of some of the Bafta red carpet looks in the comments below!


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