July 23, 2013

Best Video Ever

This is quite possibly one of the best and funniest videos ever made but then when James Corden has helped to write it you can't expect anything less really.

The highlight has to be Zayn dressed as "the sexy assistant" Veronica and not only that but Harry then dancing with "her" and being completely unable to keep a straight face let alone a sexy face. Also, anyone else think that when Harry's dressed up he looks freakishly like Gok Wan?

Admittedly when a video is so much about the story going on, that has squat to do with the song, you do find that you don't really notice the song but having heard it on it's own already I have to say it's, in my opinion, the best single since What Makes You Beautiful. It's also as catchy as. It's literally been stuck in my head constantly since I first heard it.

If haven't already, check out the directional frivolity by clicking here.

Next up One Direction: This Is Us in 3D otherwise known as 5 guys pissing about and occasionally having a sing song in front of a couple thousand people. Sounds good to me!

What do you thing of Best Song Ever and it's video? Anyone else secretly, or not so secretly, excited for the movie?


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