December 31, 2012

New Years Resolutions 2013

It's that time of the year where we all tell ourselves "I'm going to do things differently this year", yet we all know that probably within a week we'll be back to doing things exactly the same as we did them before. That is why this year I've decided to use my New Years Resolutions to give me a little motivation boost. I like to stop and remind myself why I do the things that I do and why I should keep going with them and what better time to do so than New Years?

Nearly all of my resolutions this year are centred around keeping up with things I'm already doing. You may ask, why bother? Well, sometimes even when you love doing something it can still occasionally become hard work. Although it may not seem like it, a lot of the things on this list actually require some serious dedication and definitely a good sprinkle of motivation so this list is just a little kick in the backside to keep on going.

So hear is my list of New Years Resolutions 2013:

1. Blog. At the moment I'm finding this blog a lot of fun and therefore really easy to write but I know that somewhere down the line it's no longer going to be shiny and new and so may become more of a chore. My aim is to not let that happen.

2. YouTube. I have to admit that posting a video every single week does sometimes feel like a chore. I have to force myself to film the video and then I have to remind myself to upload the bugger but when I'm not getting the views you'd hoped, it's hard to stay motivated. In the new year I'll be able to create more fun and interesting videos so hopefully that will lead to at least a slight increase in views and therefore motivation and therefore enjoyment.  Admittedly for the first time in 4 months I haven't posted a video this week but I think I needed a little break and I promise I'll be back in the new year!

3. Instagram. I was going to go an Instagram 364 challenge but decided I had enough on my plate without adding that but I do definitely want to take more photos. I love looking at past memories and I love remembering the little things. Instagram nicely combines these two, so I'm determined to take advantage of it more often.

4. Moment Diary. On my phone, using the Moment Diary App, I keep a "twitter diary" as I used to call it. I write short entries throughout the day, everyday. Some of them are about the mundane things in life, others are my inner thoughts while some document the more interesting aspects of my life. What I like about doing it this way, is I remember the little things like how I had a particular song stuck in my head or the enjoyment of getting let out of a lecture early. These are things that have very little meaning to anyone else but to me bring back the memories of that particular day. When I read back through my diary, I love seeing how I've changed even in a couple of months so I really want to keep going with it for as long as possible! 

5. GoodReads Challenge. As your may have seen in my previous post, I didn't complete my 2012 challenge of reading 20 books and while there were reasons for this, I'm determined not to fail in 2013.

6. Deutsch. For a while now I've been trying to get my German up to standard. I use various different methods including reading Harry Potter in German and at times it really does take a lot of motivation. My short term aim is to finish the Harry Potter books (Order of the Phoenix is taking forever!) but long term I really want to become fluent and then eventually move onto another language.

7. Say Yes. Now I'm not suddenly going to go all Jim Carrey and say yes to everything but there are times where I know I need to relax a little and just say yes. Most often it's things that happen spur of the moment that I say no to. I like to prepare myself and often need to psych myself up for things. I need to get over this and just do it and stop over thinking things.

8. Daily Q&A. In February I bought a 5 Year Daily Q&A book. Yep that's right, every single day I answer a question in this book and I intend to continue for the full 5 years. If i succeed I'll be 24 when it's finished which is crazy, but how awesome will it be to see how my answers change over that time? 

Some may think these are too boring or easy, others may think I'm crazy for wanting to keep so much stuff going but I'd much rather set small, ongoing goals and actually achieve them than set some crazy impossible resolution and feel bad about myself when I inevitably don't stick to it. Each to their own, I guess.

Let me know in the comments below what your New Year Resolutions are this year!

See you in 2013! 

MeganShaelyn x


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