December 20, 2012

Nails of the Moment: Kate Sapphire

Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to get a little obsessed about things. One of my recent obsessions is nail polish so I thought I'd do a little 'Nails of the Moment' series.

Yesterday I was bored and as we have crappy internet I decided to paint my nails. However, as it was fairly late at night my sister was asleep and therefore I couldn't borrow from her collection so I had only 3 colours to choose from that I'd brought back home with me from Uni. As I had plans to wear the other two over Christmas and New Year I was left with only one option, Kate Sapphire by Avon.

This was a limited edition for the Royal Wedding back in April 2011, hence the name. However, by the looks of it the colour is still available, or at least a very similar one, under the name Inky Blue.

When I first wore this for the Royal Wedding I wasn't too impressed, because the staying power was rubbish with it only lasting about a day. Since then, however, I have purchased a decent top coat in the form of Sally Hanson's Insta-dry and the polish seems to be staying put much better!

I absolutely love the colour itself but then I've always been a sucker for dark nail polish especially when you throw in some shimmer and make it Royal related (another of my obsessions)!

MeganShaelyn x


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