October 01, 2014

Apple Picking

The incredible weather here in Halifax continued over the weekend which was lucky for me as I went on a beautifully quaint little apple picking trip with the other international students. We were picked up by a classic yellow school bus and drove for about an hour before arriving at Elderkin's Bakery and Farm Market.

First we decided which size bag we wanted to go for, 10lb or 20lb, before heading out to the many rows of apple trees. I can't remember which varieties we ended up going for, we kind of went for the "that looks like a nice apple" approach and slowly filled up our bags while chomping on a cheeky extra one while we worked. Hey, it was hard work in the heat. That's my excuse anyway.

After we paid for our freshly picked apples, we sat down for a picnic in the sun. We ended up sitting and chatting for the next few hours as there wasn't a whole lot to do once you'd done the actual apple picking. The organisers of the trip had anticipated us being able to go on a wagon ride but it turns out that they were only for primary school children. Yet more reasons why bring old sucks!

Somewhat annoyingly, we were told about a corn maze that was a short walk down the road. Annoying because they told us only 20 minutes before we had to leave so we didn't have time to actually complete the maze. I did get to meet some hay-bail minions though so swings and roundabouts!

Despite waking up the next day with a rather tomato-ed nose, it was a really fun day. I especially enjoyed getting out of Halifax and being able to see some of the surrounding area as well as all the trees that are now slowly turning all autumnal. Unfortunately, the weather seems to have now decided to turn cold but at least I managed to enjoy the sun while it was here! 

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  1. It looks like a really fun place to be Glad you're enjoying it.