November 16, 2013


I remember being about 14 and going to see Busted at the NEC Arena in Birmingham and McFly were one of their support acts. Now eight years later and I'm going back to the same arena to see them again but this time as one ultimate supergroup, McBusted. I genuinely cannot wait! It's gonna be sea of 20-somethings all screaming the words to what was the soundtrack of our teen years. 

Last night the guys made their debut TV performance as McBusted for Children in Need and it brought out the 14 year old in side of me. They did a mash up of 4 songs, It's All About You, Year 3000, Air Hostess and Shine A Light and it was…words cannot describe my excitement. This tour is going to be incredible! Check out their performance below:

I'm kind of sad that Charlie from Busted has decided not to take part in it all but I can understand it, plus he has given his support to the whole thing which I think is cool. Still, it would have made it even more perfect, a bit like when Robbie came back to Take That but even better because I remember Busted the first time round.

I also have to admit that hearing the songs all together it does show you how much the McFly songs have matured as the boys have whereas the Busted ones are very much anchored in the naughties (James appears to be stuck there too). Still, it's great to see Busted back and the guys look like they're having an absolute whale of time which is what counts!

Anybody else as excited for McBusted as I am?


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