November 20, 2013

Royal Portrait or Latest Horror Film?

Whether you have any interest in the Danish Royal Family or not, you can't deny that the newest portrait of the family that was released recently is creepy! It genuinely looks like a poster for the latest horror film where a young prince gets possessed and sets out to kill anyone that gets in the way.

As well as Prince Christian's "The Omen" look front and centre, let's not ignore the pretty evil glare that's being focused at him from Princess Isabella in the corner. Seriously, she does not looked best please with being relegated to the side. Nobody puts Isabella in the corner! Also, why are they standing in the ruined remains of Pompeii?

On a more positive note, I love that it involves all three generations and to be honest, the more I look at the less creepy it gets. I also absolutely love the added touch of Danishness that's been thrown in by having Princes Nikolai and Felix playing with lego. I also have to say that, aside from the slightly excessive shadowing, the likenesses of the all the family are extremely good especially Prince Nikolai and little Prince Henrik. It's certainly a damn site better than some of the portraits that have been done of The Queen over the years!

It does make me hope that the British Royal Family will get a family portrait done, especially since we have four generations at the moment what with little Prince George. I just hope it looks a little less sinister than this.

What do you think of the Danish Royal Family portrait? Too creepy or just right?


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