May 10, 2013

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

In recent days I've become re-obsessed with 8 Simple Rules. I used to watch it way back when, when it was on ABC1 or some other random channel in the depths of Freeview but I decided that I'd watch it from the beginning. I'd forgotten how hilarious the show was!

Today, however, I watched a not so funny episode, in fact, it was the saddest episode in the history of episodes. It was Goodbye, the first episode that didn't have John Ritter in it. Ritter played the patriarch of the Hennessy family, Paul, but sadly passed away suddenly while filming Season 2. The writers made the right choice of writing John's death into the show as opposed to re-casting him.

It's not often I cry at TV shows but this, even though it was not my first time watching it, brought serious tears to my eyes. It also got me thinking about something. In the show Bridget is upset because the last thing she ever said to her Dad was "I hate you" but then they read Paul's final article in which he writes about just that, his children's constant jibes towards him. He then goes on to say that despite what his children say, he knows they don't mean it and "for every "I hate you" there's an "I love you" not far behind". 

Words can hurt but it also depends on how you say them. I may find endless things wrong with my family and at times they may annoy the living daylights out of me but I'm pretty sure I've never told any of them that I hate them. However, I've also never told them I love them either. It's just not something that we as a family do. You may find that strange or sad but I like to think that they know the feelings are there even if they are not said.

This quote is more than perfect. While, I'm not saying you should never tell someone how you feel about them or how important they are to you, you should also show them as well. Actions speak lounder than words.

This ended up being a pretty deep post for me and I'm not sure it really has a point but these were my thoughts having watched Goodbye and I decided to write them down. I hope you found this vaguely interesting and at any rate, you should definitely go check out 8 Simple Rules if you haven't already.

R.I.P John Ritter


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