October 26, 2013

So Much Cambridge Cuteness

I know that the vast majority of the population don't care all that much about the fact that it was Prince George's Christening on Wednesday or they at least care a normal human amount. I on the other hand...and my love for Prince George and his family sky-rocketed about ten minutes ago when I saw this newly released official photo.

I mean honestly, could that picture be any more perfect? I love everything about it. The shear unconditional love that Kate has for George, the adorable look of delight that George has for bring with his Mummy and then the proud William looking down at his beautiful little boy. Even the almost Instagram style filter that seems to have been used just adds to the perfection. Gah. I love this so much! I can't even.

Apologies that this basically turned into me gushing about the Cambridges but I just had to get my feelings out so I hope you don't mind. 


  1. This picture is pure perfection :) I also wouldn't mind having Kate's hair, her closet or her husband ;)

  2. Ditto! She's so photogenic it hurts lol :)