April 30, 2013

My Big Sister's Getting Old

This is just a quick post to say Happy Birthday to my sister Hannah who turns 24 today. She's officially in her mid-twenties!
When we were cute.
I've mentioned Hannah many times on my blog before, mainly because we do a lot together. When you live in the middle of nowhere as we do you can't help but be close with the only other person your age.  I'm not gonna go all soppy, that's not something we do as my friends will tell you, but she's put up with me for nearly 21 years which even I admit is probably not the easiest of tasks. So I just thought I'd make this little post in an attempt to vaguely make for all the times I've been the annoying little sister that's always tagging along and never has any money on her so "borrows" yours instead.


We're both getting old, that photo was taken 16 years ago! What the duck?! Why did we have to grow up, we were so adorable back then. And because it wouldn't be a post about Hannah without one, here's a random Darren Criss gif for your viewing pleasure.

Now all of you should head on over to her blog and spam her with birthday messages to make her feel as if she has friends! 


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